Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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A warm welcome to all the participants coming to our college. we are very delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our college to you. If we could give you some help with your occupation choice, we would be highly honored.

Following the increasing rapidity of population aging, health care is more and more important in people's life all over the world.

Doctors of traditional Chinese Medicine who cure an illness in special ways without side effectives will be in greater demand. The purpose of Ontario College are training excellent practitioners engaged in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Tuina and massage.

We are certified by Human Resource Development Canada as an Educational Institution, recognized by Minister of Employment and Immigration. We also registered to Toronto Municipal Licensing and standard, Canada Customs & Revenue Agency. So the students of our college can apply the government financial assistance (if qualified) and graduate can apply the license to open their own business by the diploma and the certificates got here.

All the students can apply the entrance examination to get the master degrees on their lines in Chinese Medicine University of China.

Ontario College of Chinese Medicine adopts the textbooks, which are being used in Chinese Medicine University of China and the teaching materials being taught in American Chinese Medicine University.

We are proud of all our teaching staffs who are all Chinese Medical Doctor or B. Sc. They are all rich of teaching and clinical experience in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, massage, medical beauty and Qigong. These are the programs offered in our college.

Daytime and evening classes for all the programs are provided in this college. The students can choose to take full time or part time classes for certificate or diploma program according to the different needs or situation.

Since the college was founded, it has been enjoying a very high reputation and gained credit in teaching. All the employees in this college work hard to help the students here to reach their goals, which is our objective.


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