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an gong niu huang wan (formula:an-gong-niu-huang-wan)
BA DOU (herb:ba-dou)
BAI BU (herb:bai-bu)
BAI DOU KOU (herb:bai-dou-kou)
BAI GUO (herb:bai-guo)
bai he (deleted:herbs:bai-he-3g)
bai he gu jin tang (formula:bai-he-gu-jin-tang)
BAI HUA SHE (herb:bai-hua-she)
BAI HUA SHE SHE CAO (herb:bai-hua-she-she-cao)
bai hu tang (formula:bai-hu-tang)
BAI JI (herb:bai-ji)
BAI JIANG CAO (herb:bai-jiang-cao)
BAI JIE ZI (herb:bai-jie-zi)
BAI JI LI (herb:bai-ji-li)
BAI JI TIAN (herb:bai-ji-tian)
BAI LIAN (herb:bai-lian)
BAI LONG CHUAN HUA TOU (herb:bai-long-chuan-hua-tou)
BAI MAO GEN (herb:bai-mao-gen)
BAI MU ER (herb:bai-mu-er)
BAI QIAN (herb:bai-qian)
bai tou weng tang (formula:bai-tou-weng-tang)
BAI WEI (herb:bai-wei)
BAI XIAN PI (herb:bai-xian-pi)
bai ye tang (formula:bai-ye-tang)
Baizhu (deleted:herb:baizhu)
BAI ZI REN (herb:bai-zi-ren)
BAN BIAN LIAN (herb:ban-bian-lian)
BAN LAN GEN (herb:ban-lan-gen)
BAN MAO (herb:ban-mao)
ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang (formula:ban-xia-bai-zhu-tian-ma-tang)
ban xia hou po tang (formula:ban-xia-hou-po-tang)
ban xia xie xin tang (formula:ban-xia-xie-xin-tang)
BAN ZHI LIAN (herb:ban-zhi-lian)
BA YUE ZHA (herb:ba-yue-zha)
ba zheng san (formula:ba-zheng-san)
ba zhen tang (formula:ba-zhen-tang)
bei mu gua lou san (formula:bei-mu-gua-l-u-san)
BEI SHA SHEN (herb:bei-sha-shen)
bei xie fen qing yin (formula:bei-xie-fen-qing-yin)
BIAN DOU (herb:bian-dou)
BI BA (herb:bi-ba)
BI CHENG QIE (herb:bi-cheng-qie)
BIE JIA JIAO (herb:bie-jia-jiao)
BI ZI CAO (herb:bi-zi-cao)
bu dai wan (formula:bu-dai-wan)
bu fei e jiao tang (formula:bu-fei-e-jiao-tang)
bu fei tang (formula:bu-fei-tang)
BU GU ZHI (herb:bu-gu-zhi)
bu yang huan wu tang (formula:bu-yang-huan-wu-tang)
bu zhong yi qi tang (formula:bu-zhong-yi-qi-tang)
CANG ER CAO (herb:cang-er-cao)
CANG ER GEN (herb:cang-er-gen)
cang er zi san (formula:cang-er-zi-san)
CAN SHA (herb:can-sha)
CAO DOU KOU (herb:cao-dou-kou)
CAO WU (herb:cao-wu)
CHA CHI HUANG (herb:cha-chi-huang)
chai ge jie ji tang (formula:chai-ge-jie-ji-tang)
chai hu jia long gu mu li tang (formula:chai-hu-jia-long-gu-mu-li-tang)
CHANG SHAN (herb:chang-shan)
CHAN SU (herb:chan-su)
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CHEN XIANG (herb:chen-xiang)
CHI FU LING (herb:chi-fu-ling)
CHI SHI ZHI (herb:chi-shi-zhi)
CHI XIAO DOU (herb:chi-xiao-dou)
CHÒU WÚ TÓNG (herb:chou-wu-tong)
CHUAN LIAN ZI (herb:chuan-lian-zi)
CHUĀN MÙ TŌNG (herb:chuan-mu-tong)
CHUĀN NIÚ XĪ (herb:chuan-niu-xi)
CHUĀN SHĀN JIǍ (herb:chuan-shan-ji)
CHUĀN SHĀN LÓNG (herb:chuan-shan-long)
CHUAN WU (herb:chuan-wu)
CHUAN XIN LIAN (herb:chuan-xin-lian)
chuan xiong cha tiao san (formula:chuan-xiong-cha-tiao-san)
CHUÍ PÉN CǍO (herb:chui-pen-c-o)
CHUN GEN PI (herb:chun-gen-pi)
CHU SHI ZI (herb:chu-shi-zi)
cialis (deleted:articles:3mhr2lyzzu)
CI WU JIA (herb:ci-wu-jia)
ci zhu wan (formula:ci-zhu-wan)
clear wind heat (point-prescription:test)
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cong bai qi wei yin (formula:cong-bai-qi-wei-yin)
cong chi tang (formula:cong-chi-tang)
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Css (herbs:css)
Css (admin:css)
Css1 (admin:css1)
Css1 (deleted:css:css1)
Css2 (admin:css2)
Css3 (admin:css3)
Css4 (admin:css4)
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Css Bak (admin:css-bak)
Css Mono (admin:css-mono)
Css Test (admin:css-test)
Css Test2 (admin:css-test2)
Cupping (wiki:cupping)
da bu yin wan (formula:da-bu-yin-wan)
da chai hu tang (formula:da-chai-hu-tang)
da cheng qi tang (formula:da-cheng-qi-tang)
da ding feng zhu (formula:da-ding-feng-zhu)
DA DING HUANG (herb:da-ding-huang)
DÀ FĒNG ZǏ (herb:da-feng-z)
DA FU PI (herb:da-fu-pi)
da huang fu zi tang (formula:da-huang-fu-zi-tang)
da huang mu dan tang (formula:da-huang-mu-dan-tang)
da huang zhe chong wan (formula:da-huang-zhe-chong-wan)
DAI ZHE SHI (herb:dai-zhe-shi)
DA JI (herb:da-ji)
da jian zhong tang (formula:da-jian-zhong-tang)
danggui (deleted:herb:danggui)
dang gui bu xue tang (formula:dang-gui-bu-xue-tang)
dang gui liu huang tang (formula:dang-gui-liu-huang-tang)
dang gui shao yao san (formula:dang-gui-shao-yao-san)
dang gui sheng jiang yang rou tang (formula:dang-gui-sheng-jiang-yang-rou-tang)
dang gui si ni tang (formula:dang-gui-si-ni-tang)
DANG SHEN (herb:dang-shen)
dan shen yin (formula:dan-shen-yin)
dao chi san (formula:dao-chi-san)
DAO DIAO JIN ZHONG (herb:dao-diao-jin-zhong)
DAO DI WU GONG (herb:dao-di-wu-gong)
DĀO DÒU (herb:dao-dou)
DA QING YE (herb:da-qing-ye)
DA SUAN (herb:da-suan)
Database Is Started (wiki:database-is-started)
da xian xiong tang (formula:da-xian-xiong-tang)
da yuan yin (formula:da-yuan-yin)
da zao wan (formula:da-zao-wan)
DI BIE CHONG (herb:di-bie-chong)
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die da wan (formula:die-da-wan)
DI FU ZI (herb:di-fu-zi)
DI GU PI (herb:di-gu-pi)
di huang yin zi (formula:di-huang-yin-zi)
ding chuan tang (formula:ding-chuan-tang)
DING JING CAO (herb:ding-jing-cao)
DING SHU XIU (herb:ding-shu-xiu)
ding xiang shi di tang (formula:ding-xiang-shi-di-tang)
ding xian wan (formula:ding-xian-wan)
ding zhi wan (formula:ding-zhi-wan)
di tan tang (formula:di-tan-tang)
DI YU (herb:di-yu)
Donate (donate)
DONG CHONG XIA CAO (herb:dong-chong-xia-cao)
DONG GUA PI (herb:dong-gua-pi)
DONG GUA REN (ZI) (herb:dong-gua-ren-zi)
DONG KUI ZI (herb:dong-kui-zi)
DONG LING CAO (herb:dong-ling-cao)
DONG QING YE (herb:dong-qing-ye)
DONG YANG SHEN (herb:dong-yang-shen)
DU 1 (acupuncture-point:du-1)
DU 10 (acupuncture-point:du-10)
DU 11 (acupuncture-point:du-11)
DU 12 (acupuncture-point:du-12)
DU 13 (acupuncture-point:du-13)
DU 14 (acupuncture-point:du-14)
DU 15 (acupuncture-point:du-15)
DU 16 (acupuncture-point:du-16)
DU 17 (acupuncture-point:du-17)
DU 18 (acupuncture-point:du-18)
DU 19 (acupuncture-point:du-19)
DU 2 (acupuncture-point:du-2)
DU 20 (acupuncture-point:du-20)
DU 21 (acupuncture-point:du-21)
DU 22 (acupuncture-point:du-22)
DU 23 (acupuncture-point:du-23)
DU 24 (acupuncture-point:du-24)
DU 25 (acupuncture-point:du-25)
DU 26 (acupuncture-point:du-26)
DU 27 (acupuncture-point:du-27)
DU 28 (acupuncture-point:du-28)
DU 3 (acupuncture-point:du-3)
DU 4 (acupuncture-point:du-4)
DU 5 (acupuncture-point:du-5)
DU 6 (acupuncture-point:du-6)
DU 7 (acupuncture-point:du-7)
DU 8 (acupuncture-point:du-8)
DU 9 (acupuncture-point:du-9)
DU HUO (herb:du-huo)
du huo ji sheng tang (formula:du-huo-ji-sheng-tang)
Dylan Kirk (tcm-practitioner:dylan-kirk)
E BU SHI CAO (herb:e-bu-shi-cao)
Eight Branches (tcm-school:eight-branches)
e jiao ji zi huang tang (formula:e-jiao-ji-zi-huang-tang)
Elaine Hensley, PhD, LAc (tcm-practitioner:elaine-hensley-phd-lac)
ER CHA (herb:er-cha)
er chen tang (formula:er-chen-tang)
er miao san (formula:er-miao-san)
er xian tang (formula:er-xian-tang)
er zhi wan (formula:er-zhi-wan)
Example (example:example)
Example Form (example:example-form)
experiment herb (herb:experiment-herb)
E ZHU (herb:e-zhu)
fang feng tong sheng san (formula:fang-feng-tong-sheng-san)
fang ji huang qi tang (formula:fang-ji-huang-qi-tang)
FAN XIE YE (herb:fan-xie-ye)
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fei er wan (formula:fei-er-wan)
FEI ZI (herb:fei-zi)
FEN FANG JI (HAN FANG JI) (herb:fen-fang-ji-han-fang-ji)
FĒNG MÍ (herb:feng-mi)
FENG WEI CAO (herb:feng-wei-cao)
formula:_root (formula:_root)
Featured article #3 (featured:3)
Featured article #4 (featured:4)
Formula Template (template:formula)
Forum Category (forum:category)
Forum Thread (forum:thread)
FO SHOU (herb:fo-shou)
Frequent Colds and Flus (signs-and-symptoms:frequent-colds-and-flus)
FU HAI SHI (herb:fu-hai-shi)
FU LING PI (herb:fu-ling-pi)
FU LONG GAN (herb:fu-long-gan)
FU PEN ZI (herb:fu-pen-zi)
FU PING (herb:fu-ping)
FU RONG (herb:fu-rong)
FU XIAO MAI (herb:fu-xiao-mai)
fu yuan huo xue tang (formula:fu-yuan-huo-xue-tang)
gan cao gan jiang tang (formula:gan-cao-gan-jiang-tang)
gan lu xiao du dan (formula:gan-lu-xiao-du-dan)
gan mai da zao tang (formula:gan-mai-da-zao-tang)
GĀN SŌNG (herb:gan-song)
Gao (herbal-preparations:gao)
GAO BEN (herb:gao-ben)
GB 1 (acupuncture-point:gb-1)
GB 10 (acupuncture-point:gb-10)
GB 11 (acupuncture-point:gb-11)
GB 12 (acupuncture-point:gb-12)
GB 13 (acupuncture-point:gb-13)
GB 14 (acupuncture-point:gb-14)
GB 15 (acupuncture-point:gb-15)
GB 16 (acupuncture-point:gb-16)
GB 17 (acupuncture-point:gb-17)
GB 18 (acupuncture-point:gb-18)
GB 19 (acupuncture-point:gb-19)
GB 2 (acupuncture-point:gb-2)
GB 20 (acupuncture-point:gb-20)
GB 21 (acupuncture-point:gb-21)
GB 22 (acupuncture-point:gb-22)
GB 23 (acupuncture-point:gb-23)
GB 24 (acupuncture-point:gb-24)
GB 25 (acupuncture-point:gb-25)
GB 26 (acupuncture-point:gb-26)
GB 27 (acupuncture-point:gb-27)
GB 28 (acupuncture-point:gb-28)
GB 29 (acupuncture-point:gb-29)
GB 3 (acupuncture-point:gb-3)
GB 30 (acupuncture-point:gb-30)
GB 31 (acupuncture-point:gb-31)
GB 32 (acupuncture-point:gb-32)
GB 33 (acupuncture-point:gb-33)
GB 34 (acupuncture-point:gb-34)
GB 35 (acupuncture-point:gb-35)
GB 36 (acupuncture-point:gb-36)
GB 37 (acupuncture-point:gb-37)
GB 38 (acupuncture-point:gb-38)
GB 39 (acupuncture-point:gb-39)
GB 4 (acupuncture-point:gb-4)
GB 40 (acupuncture-point:gb-40)
GB 41 (acupuncture-point:gb-41)
GB 42 (acupuncture-point:gb-42)
GB 43 (acupuncture-point:gb-43)
GB 44 (acupuncture-point:gb-44)
GB 5 (acupuncture-point:gb-5)
GB 6 (acupuncture-point:gb-6)
GB 7 (acupuncture-point:gb-7)
GB 8 (acupuncture-point:gb-8)
GB 9 (acupuncture-point:gb-9)
ge gen huang lian huang qin tang (formula:ge-gen-huang-lian-huang-qin-tang)
ge gen tang (formula:ge-gen-tang)
GE JIE (herb:ge-jie)
Glossary (glossary)
Glossary Footer (glossary:glossary-footer)
GOU JI (herb:gou-ji)
GOU QI GEN (herb:gou-qi-gen)
GOU QI ZI (herb:gou-qi-zi)
GOU TENG (herb:gou-teng)
GUA DI (herb:gua-di)
gua di san (formula:gua-di-san)
GUA LOU PI (herb:gua-lou-pi)
GUA LOU REN (herb:gua-lou-ren)
GUANG FANG JI (herb:guang-fang-ji)
GUANG ZHONG (herb:guang-zhong)
GUAN YE LIAN QIAO (herb:guan-ye-lian-qiao)
gu chong tang (formula:gu-chong-tang)
gui ling gan lu yin (formula:gui-ling-gan-lu-yin)
gui pi tang (formula:gui-pi-tang)
gui zhi fu ling wan (formula:gui-zhi-fu-ling-wan)
gui zhi jia long gu mu li tang (formula:gui-zhi-jia-long-gu-mu-li-tang)
gui zhi shao yao zhi mu tang (formula:gui-zhi-shao-yao-zhi-mu-tang)
gui zhi tang (formula:gui-zhi-tang)
GU JING CAO (herb:gu-jing-cao)
gu jing wan (formula:gu-jing-wan)
gun tan wan (formula:gun-tan-wan)
GU SUI BU (herb:gu-sui-bu)
GU YA (herb:gu-ya)
GU ZHI HUA (herb:gu-zhi-hua)
HAI FENG TENG (herb:hai-feng-teng)
HAI FU RONG (herb:hai-fu-rong)
HAI GE FEN (HAI GE KE) (herb:hai-ge-fen-hai-ge-ke)
HAI GOU SHEN (herb:hai-gou-shen)
HAI JIN SHA (herb:hai-jin-sha)
HAI LONG (herb:hai-long)
HAI MA (herb:hai-ma)
HAI PIAO XIAO (herb:hai-piao-xiao)
HAI SHEN (herb:hai-shen)
HAI TONG PI (herb:hai-tong-pi)
HAI ZAO (herb:hai-zao)
hai zao yu hu tang (formula:hai-zao-yu-hu-tang)
HAN SHUI SHI (herb:han-shui-shi)
hao qin qing dan tang (formula:hao-qin-qing-dan-tang)
Headache (signs-and-symptoms:headache)
HE CAO YA (herb:he-cao-ya)
HE HUAN HUA (herb:he-huan-hua)
HE HUAN PI (herb:he-huan-pi)
hei xi dan (formula:hei-xi-dan)
Herbal Formula Template (template:herb-formula)
Herbs Home Test (herbs-home-test)
Herbs Home Test2 (herbs-home-test2)
he ren yin (formula:he-ren-yin)
HÈ SHĪ (herb:he-shi)
HE SHOU WU (herb:he-shou-wu)
HE YE (herb:he-ye)
HE ZI (herb:he-zi)
HONG GU SHE (herb:hong-gu-she)
HONG QU (herb:hong-qu)
HONG SHEN (herb:hong-shen)
HONG TENG (herb:hong-teng)
HT 1 (acupuncture-point:ht-1)
HT 2 (acupuncture-point:ht-2)
HT 3 (acupuncture-point:ht-3)
HT 4 (acupuncture-point:ht-4)
HT 5 (acupuncture-point:ht-5)
HT 6 (acupuncture-point:ht-6)
HT 7 (acupuncture-point:ht-7)
HT 8 (acupuncture-point:ht-8)
HT 9 (acupuncture-point:ht-9)
hua chong wan (formula:hua-chong-wan)
HUAI HUA (herb:huai-hua)
huai hua san (formula:huai-hua-san)
HUAI NIU XI (herb:huai-niu-xi)
HUA JIAO (herb:hua-jiao)
HUANG JING (herb:huang-jing)
HUANG JIN GUI (herb:huang-jin-gui)
huang lian e jiao tang (formula:huang-lian-e-jiao-tang)
huang lian jie du tang (formula:huang-lian-jie-du-tang)
huang long tang (formula:huang-long-tang)
HUANG SHUI QIE (herb:huang-shui-qie)
HUANG TENG (herb:huang-teng)
huang tu tang (formula:huang-tu-tang)
HUANG YAO ZI (herb:huang-yao-zi)
HUĀ RUǏ SHÍ (herb:hua-ru-shi)
HUA SHI CAO (herb:hua-shi-cao)
HU GU (herb:hu-gu)
HU HUANG LIAN (herb:hu-huang-lian)
hui chun dan (formula:hui-chun-dan)
HU JIAO (herb:hu-jiao)
HU LU BA (herb:hu-lu-ba)
huo luo xiao ling dan (formula:huo-luo-xiao-ling-dan)
HUO XIANG (herb:huo-xiang)
huo xiang zheng qi san (formula:huo-xiang-zheng-qi-san)
hu qian wan (formula:hu-qian-wan)
HU TAO REN (herb:hu-tao-ren)
HU YAO HUANG (herb:hu-yao-huang)
HU ZHANG (herb:hu-zhang)
Images (admin:images)
_index (herb:_index)
Institute of Traditional Medicine (tcm-school:institute-of-traditional-medicine)
jia jian wei rui tang (formula:jia-jian-wei-rui-tang)
JIANG HUANG (herb:jiang-huang)
JIANG XIANG (herb:jiang-xiang)
jian pi wan (formula:jian-pi-wan)
jiao ai tang (formula:jiao-ai-tang)
JIAO GU LAN (herb:jiao-gu-lan)
ji chuan jian (formula:ji-chuan-jian)
JI GUAN HUA (herb:ji-guan-hua)
JI GU CAO (herb:ji-gu-cao)
ji ming san (formula:ji-ming-san)
JIN BU HUAN (herb:jin-bu-huan)
JI NEI JIN (herb:ji-nei-jin)
jin gui shen qi wan (formula:jin-gui-shen-qi-wan)
JIN GUO LAN (herb:jin-guo-lan)
jin ling zi san (formula:jin-ling-zi-san)
JIN QIAN CAO (herb:jin-qian-cao)
jin suo gu jing wan (formula:jin-su-gu-jing-wan)
JIN YING ZI (herb:jin-ying-zi)
JIN YIN HUA (herb:jin-yin-hua)
Jiu (herbal-preparations:jiu)
JIU CAI ZI (herb:jiu-cai-zi)
JIU CENG TA (herb:jiu-ceng-ta)
jiu wei qiang huo tang (formula:jiu-wei-qiang-huo-tang)
jiu xian san (formula:jiu-xian-san)
JI XIANG TENG (herb:ji-xiang-teng)
JĪ XUĚ CǍO (herb:ji-xue-c-o)
JI XUE TENG (herb:ji-xue-teng)
juan bi tang (formula:juan-bi-tang)
JUE MING ZI (herb:jue-ming-zi)
ju he wan (formula:ju-he-wan)
JU HUA (herb:ju-hua)
ju pi zhu ru tang (formula:ju-pi-zhu-ru-tang)
KD 1 (acupuncture-point:kd-1)
KD 10 (acupuncture-point:kd-10)
KD 11 (acupuncture-point:kd-11)
KD 12 (acupuncture-point:kd-12)
KD 13 (acupuncture-point:kd-13)
KD 14 (acupuncture-point:kd-14)
KD 15 (acupuncture-point:kd-15)
KD 16 (acupuncture-point:kd-16)
KD 17 (acupuncture-point:kd-17)
KD 18 (acupuncture-point:kd-18)
KD 19 (acupuncture-point:kd-19)
KD 2 (acupuncture-point:kd-2)
KD 20 (acupuncture-point:kd-20)
KD 21 (acupuncture-point:kd-21)
KD 22 (acupuncture-point:kd-22)
KD 23 (acupuncture-point:kd-23)
KD 24 (acupuncture-point:kd-24)
KD 25 (acupuncture-point:kd-25)
KD 26 (acupuncture-point:kd-26)
KD 27 (acupuncture-point:kd-27)
KD 3 (acupuncture-point:kd-3)
KD 4 (acupuncture-point:kd-4)
KD 5 (acupuncture-point:kd-5)
KD 6 (acupuncture-point:kd-6)
KD 7 (acupuncture-point:kd-7)
KD 8 (acupuncture-point:kd-8)
KD 9 (acupuncture-point:kd-9)
ke xue fang (formula:ke-xue-fang)
KU LIAN PI (herb:ku-lian-pi)
KUN BU (herb:kun-bu)
LǍO GUÀN CǍO (herb:l-o-guan-c-o)
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Legal (legal:_start)
LEI GONG TENG (herb:lei-gong-teng)
LEI WAN (herb:lei-wan)
LI 1 (acupuncture-point:li-1)
LI 10 (acupuncture-point:li-10)
LI 11 (acupuncture-point:li-11)
LI 12 (acupuncture-point:li-12)
LI 13 (acupuncture-point:li-13)
LI 14 (acupuncture-point:li-14)
LI 15 (acupuncture-point:li-15)
LI 16 (acupuncture-point:li-16)
LI 17 (acupuncture-point:li-17)
LI 18 (acupuncture-point:li-18)
LI 19 (acupuncture-point:li-19)
LI 2 (acupuncture-point:li-2)
LI 20 (acupuncture-point:li-20)
LI 3 (acupuncture-point:li-3)
LI 4 (acupuncture-point:li-4)
LI 5 (acupuncture-point:li-5)
LI 6 (acupuncture-point:li-6)
LI 7 (acupuncture-point:li-7)
LI 8 (acupuncture-point:li-8)
LI 9 (acupuncture-point:li-9)
LIAN FANG (herb:lian-fang)
liang fu wan (formula:liang-fu-wan)
liang ge san (formula:liang-ge-san)
lian po yin (formula:lian-po-yin)
LIAN XU (herb:lian-xu)
LIAN ZI (herb:lian-zi)
LIAN ZI XIN (herb:lian-zi-xin)
LI LU (herb:li-lu)
ling gan wu wei jiang xin tang (formula:ling-gan-wu-wei-jiang-xin-tang)
ling gui zhu gan tang (formula:ling-gui-zhu-gan-tang)
ling jiao gou teng tang (formula:ling-jiao-gou-teng-tang)
LÍNG YÁNG JIǍO (herb:ling-yang-ji-o)
LING ZHI (herb:ling-zhi)
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LIÚ HUÁNG (herb:liu-huang)
LIU JI NU (herb:liu-ji-nu)
liu shen wan (formula:liu-shen-wan)
liu wei di huang wan (formula:liu-wei-di-huang-wan)
LIU YE (herb:liu-ye)
liu yi san (formula:liu-yi-san)
LIU ZHI HUANG (herb:liu-zhi-huang)
LI ZHI HE (herb:li-zhi-he)
li zhong wan (formula:li-zhong-wan)
LONG DAN CAO (herb:long-dan-cao)
long dan xie gan tang (formula:long-dan-xie-gan-tang)
LONG KUI (herb:long-kui)
LONG YAN ROU (herb:long-yan-rou)
LOU LU (herb:lou-lu)
LU 1 (acupuncture-point:lu-1)
LU 10 (acupuncture-point:lu-10)
LU 11 (acupuncture-point:lu-11)
LU 2 (acupuncture-point:lu-2)
LU 3 (acupuncture-point:lu-3)
LU 4 (acupuncture-point:lu-4)
LU 5 (acupuncture-point:lu-5)
LU 6 (acupuncture-point:lu-6)
LU 7 (acupuncture-point:lu-7)
LU 8 (acupuncture-point:lu-8)
LU 9 (acupuncture-point:lu-9)
LU CHA (herb:lu-cha)
LU DOU (herb:lu-dou)
LU FENG FANG (herb:lu-feng-fang)
LU GAN SHI (herb:lu-gan-shi)
LU GEN (herb:lu-gen)
LU HAN CAO (herb:lu-han-cao)
LU JIAO (herb:lu-jiao)
LU JIAO JIAO (herb:lu-jiao-jiao)
LU JIAO SHUANG (herb:lu-jiao-shuang)
LU LU TONG (herb:lu-lu-tong)
LUO HAN GUO (herb:luo-han-guo)
LUO SHI TENG 絡石藤 Caulis Trachelospermi (herb:luo-shi-teng-caulis-trachelospermi)
LU RONG (herb:lu-rong)
LV 1 (acupuncture-point:lv-1)
LV 10 (acupuncture-point:lv-10)
LV 11 (acupuncture-point:lv-11)
LV 12 (acupuncture-point:lv-12)
LV 13 (acupuncture-point:lv-13)
LV 14 (acupuncture-point:lv-14)
LV 2 (acupuncture-point:lv-2)
LV 3 (acupuncture-point:lv-3)
LV 4 (acupuncture-point:lv-4)
LV 5 (acupuncture-point:lv-5)
LV 6 (acupuncture-point:lv-6)
LV 7 (acupuncture-point:lv-7)
LV 8 (acupuncture-point:lv-8)
LV 9 (acupuncture-point:lv-9)
MA AN TENG (herb:ma-an-teng)
MA BIAN CAO (herb:ma-bian-cao)
MA BO (herb:ma-bo)
MA CHI XIAN (herb:ma-chi-xian)
MA HUANG GEN (herb:ma-huang-gen)
ma huang tang (formula:ma-huang-tang)
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang (formula:ma-huang-xi-xin-fu-zi-tang)
mai men dong tang (formula:mai-men-dong-tang)
Main (deleted:acupuncture-point:main)
MAI YA (herb:mai-ya)
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MAN JING ZI (herb:man-jing-zi)
MAO DONG QING (herb:mao-dong-qing)
MAO ZI DUN TOU (herb:mao-zi-dun-tou)
MA QIAN ZI (herb:ma-qian-zi)
MA TI JIN (herb:ma-ti-jin)
ma xing shi gan tang (formula:ma-xing-shi-gan-tang)
ma zi ren wan (formula:ma-zi-ren-wan)
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MENG SHI (herb:meng-shi)
MI MENG HUA (herb:mi-meng-hua)
MING FAN (herb:ming-fan)
MI TUO SENG (herb:mi-tuo-seng)
Mobile (deleted:mobile)
MO GU XIAO (herb:mo-gu-xiao)
Moxibustion (wiki:https:www-yinovacenter-com-chinese-medicine-moxibustion)
MÙ BIĒ ZǏ (herb:mu-bie-z)
MU GUA (herb:mu-gua)
mu li san (formula:mu-li-san)
MU XIANG (herb:mu-xiang)
mu xiang bing lang wan (formula:mu-xiang-bing-lang-wan)
MU ZEI (herb:mu-zei)
NÁN GUĀ ZǏ (herb:nan-gua-z)
NAN SHA SHEN (herb:nan-sha-shen)
New Forum Thread (forum:new-thread)
NIAO BU SU (herb:niao-bu-su)
nuan gan jian (formula:nuan-gan-jian)
Om5tu0hrpf (deleted:articles:om5tu0hrpf)
Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm-school:ontario-college-of-traditional-chinese-medicine)
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OU JIE (herb:ou-jie)
PANG DA HAI (herb:pang-da-hai)
PAO ZAI CAO (herb:pao-zai-cao)
PC 1 (acupuncture-point:pc-1)
PC 2 (acupuncture-point:pc-2)
PC 3 (acupuncture-point:pc-3)
PC 4 (acupuncture-point:pc-4)
PC 5 (acupuncture-point:pc-5)
PC 6 (acupuncture-point:pc-6)
PC 7 (acupuncture-point:pc-7)
PC 8 (acupuncture-point:pc-8)
PC 9 (acupuncture-point:pc-9)
PEI LAN (herb:pei-lan)
PÉNG SHĀ, (herb:peng-sha)
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Picture Backend (inc:picture-backend)
Pien (herbal-preparations:pien)
ping wei san (formula:ping-wei-san)
Pin Yin (herb:pin-yin)
PI PA YE (herb:pi-pa-ye)
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PO BU ZI YE (herb:po-bu-zi-ye)
Po Chai Pills (patent:po-chai-pills)
PU GONG YING (herb:pu-gong-ying)
pu ji xiao du yin (formula:pu-ji-xiao-du-yin)
PU YIN (herb:pu-yin)
QIAN CAO GEN (herb:qian-cao-gen)
qiang huo sheng shi tang (formula:qiang-huo-sheng-shi-tang)
qiang lan tang (formula:qiang-lan-tang)
QIAN HU (herb:qian-hu)
QIAN LI GUANG (herb:qian-li-guang)
QIAN NIAN JIAN (herb:qian-nian-jian)
QIAN NIU ZI (herb:qian-niu-zi)
QIAN SHI (herb:qian-shi)
qian zheng san (formula:qian-zheng-san)
qi bao mei ran dan (formula:qi-bao-mei-ran-dan)
qi li san (formula:qi-li-san)
QĪNG DÀI (herb:qing-dai)
QING FEN (herb:qing-fen)
QING FENG TENG (herb:qing-feng-teng)
QĪNG GUǑ GEN (herb:qing-gu-gen)
qing gu san (formula:qing-gu-san)
QING HAO (herb:qing-hao)
qing hao bie jia tang (formula:qing-hao-bie-jia-tang)
qing luo yin (formula:qing-luo-yin)
QING MU XIANG (herb:qing-mu-xiang)
QING PI (herb:qing-pi)
qing qi hua tan wan (formula:qing-qi-hua-tan-wan)
qing re zhi beng tang (formula:qing-re-zhi-beng-tang)
qing shu yi qi tang (formula:qing-shu-yi-qi-tang)
qing wei san (formula:qing-wei-san)
qing wen bai du yin (formula:qing-wen-bai-du-yin)
QING XIANG ZI (herb:qing-xiang-zi)
qing ying tang (formula:qing-ying-tang)
qing zao jiu fei tang (formula:qing-zao-jiu-fei-tang)
QIN JIAO (herb:qin-jiao)
QI YE LIAN   (herb:qi-ye-lian)
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REN 1 (acupuncture-point:ren-1)
REN 10 (acupuncture-point:ren-10)
REN 11 (acupuncture-point:ren-11)
REN 12 (acupuncture-point:ren-12)
REN 13 (acupuncture-point:ren-13)
REN 14 (acupuncture-point:ren-14)
REN 15 (acupuncture-point:ren-15)
REN 16 (acupuncture-point:ren-16)
REN 17 (acupuncture-point:ren-17)
REN 18 (acupuncture-point:ren-18)
REN 19 (acupuncture-point:ren-19)
REN 2 (acupuncture-point:ren-2)
REN 20 (acupuncture-point:ren-20)
REN 21 (acupuncture-point:ren-21)
REN 22 (acupuncture-point:ren-22)
REN 23 (acupuncture-point:ren-23)
REN 24 (acupuncture-point:ren-24)
REN 3 (acupuncture-point:ren-3)
REN 4 (acupuncture-point:ren-4)
REN 5 (acupuncture-point:ren-5)
REN 6 (acupuncture-point:ren-6)
REN 7 (acupuncture-point:ren-7)
REN 8 (acupuncture-point:ren-8)
REN 9 (acupuncture-point:ren-9)
REN DONG TENG (herb:ren-dong-teng)
ren shen bai du san (formula:ren-shen-bai-du-san)
ren shen ge jie san (formula:ren-shen-ge-jie-san)
REN ZHONG BAI (herb:ren-zhong-bai)
RN-1 (acupuncture-point:rn-1)
Road Map (talk:road-map)
_root (herb:_root)
ROU DOU KOU (herb:rou-dou-kou)
RUI REN (herb:rui-ren)
run chang wan (formula:run-chang-wan)
San (herbal-preparations:san)
SANG JI SHEN (herb:sang-ji-shen)
SANG JI SHENG (herb:sang-ji-sheng)
sang ju yin (formula:sang-ju-yin)
SANG PIAO XIAO (herb:sang-piao-xiao)
sang piao xiao san (formula:sang-piao-xiao-san)
sang xing tang (formula:sang-xing-tang)
SANG YE (herb:sang-ye)
SANG ZHI (herb:sang-zhi)
san jia fu mai tang (formula:san-jia-fu-mai-tang)
SAN LENG (herb:san-leng)
SAN QI (herb:san-qi)
san ren tang (formula:san-ren-tang)
san wu bei ji wan (formula:san-wu-bei-ji-wan)
san zi yang qin tang (formula:san-zi-yang-qin-tang)
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SHAN CI GU (herb:shan-ci-gu)
SHAN DOU GEN (herb:shan-dou-gen)
SHANG LU (herb:shang-lu)
SHAN MA TI (herb:shan-ma-ti)
SHAN PU TAO (herb:shan-pu-tao)
SHAN YAO (herb:shan-yao)
shao yao gan cao tang (formula:shao-yao-gan-cao-tang)
shao yao tang (formula:shao-yao-tang)
SHA YUAN ZI (herb:sha-yuan-zi)
SHE CHUANG ZI (herb:she-chuang-zi)
SHE GAN (herb:she-gan)
shen fu tang (formula:shen-fu-tang)
sheng hua tang (formula:sheng-hua-tang)
SHENG JIANG PI (herb:sheng-jiang-pi)
sheng ma ge gen tang (formula:sheng-ma-ge-gen-tang)
sheng mai san (formula:sheng-mai-san)
sheng tie luo yin (formula:sheng-tie-luo-yin)
SHEN JIN CAO (herb:shen-jin-cao)
shen ling bai zhu san (formula:shen-ling-bai-zhu-san)
SHE TUI (herb:she-tui)
shi gao tang (formula:shi-gao-tang)
shi hui san (formula:shi-hui-san)
SHI JUE MING (herb:shi-jue-ming)
SHI LIAN ZI (herb:shi-lian-zi)
SHI LIU PI (herb:shi-liu-pi)
SHI NAN TENG (herb:shi-nan-teng)
shi pi yin (formula:shi-pi-yin)
SHI WEI (herb:shi-wei)
shi xiao san (formula:shi-xiao-san)
shi zao tang (formula:shi-zao-tang)
shou tai wan (formula:shou-tai-wan)
SHUANG LIU HUANG (herb:shuang-liu-huang)
SHUI DING XIANG (herb:shui-ding-xiang)
SHUI NIU JIAO (herb:shui-niu-jiao)
SHU WEI HUANG (herb:shu-wei-huang)
SI 1 (acupuncture-point:si-1)
SI 10 (acupuncture-point:si-10)
SI 11 (acupuncture-point:si-11)
SI 12 (acupuncture-point:si-12)
SI 13 (acupuncture-point:si-13)
SI 14 (acupuncture-point:si-14)
SI 15 (acupuncture-point:si-15)
SI 16 (acupuncture-point:si-16)
SI 17 (acupuncture-point:si-17)
SI 18 (acupuncture-point:si-18)
SI 19 (acupuncture-point:si-19)
SI 2 (acupuncture-point:si-2)
SI 3 (acupuncture-point:si-3)
SI 4 (acupuncture-point:si-4)
SI 5 (acupuncture-point:si-5)
SI 6 (acupuncture-point:si-6)
SI 7 (acupuncture-point:si-7)
SI 8 (acupuncture-point:si-8)
SI 9 (acupuncture-point:si-9)
Side (nav:side)
SI GUA LUO (herb:si-gua-luo)
si jun zi tang (formula:si-jun-zi-tang)
si miao yong an tang (formula:si-miao-y-ng-an-tang)
si mo tang (formula:si-mo-tang)
Single Herb Index (herb:index)
Single Herbs (deleted:wiki:single-herbs)
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Single Herb Template (template:herb)
si ni san (formula:si-ni-san)
si ni tang (formula:si-ni-tang)
si sheng wan (formula:si-sheng-wan)
si wu tang (formula:si-wu-tang)
SJ 1 (acupuncture-point:sj-1)
SJ 10 (acupuncture-point:sj-10)
SJ 11 (acupuncture-point:sj-11)
SJ 12 (acupuncture-point:sj-12)
SJ 13 (acupuncture-point:sj-13)
SJ 14 (acupuncture-point:sj-14)
SJ 15 (acupuncture-point:sj-15)
SJ 16 (acupuncture-point:sj-16)
SJ 17 (acupuncture-point:sj-17)
SJ 18 (acupuncture-point:sj-18)
SJ 19 (acupuncture-point:sj-19)
SJ 2 (acupuncture-point:sj-2)
SJ 20 (acupuncture-point:sj-20)
SJ 21 (acupuncture-point:sj-21)
SJ 22 (acupuncture-point:sj-22)
SJ 23 (acupuncture-point:sj-23)
SJ 3 (acupuncture-point:sj-3)
SJ 4 (acupuncture-point:sj-4)
SJ 5 (acupuncture-point:sj-5)
SJ 6 (acupuncture-point:sj-6)
SJ 7 (acupuncture-point:sj-7)
SJ 8 (acupuncture-point:sj-8)
SJ 9 (acupuncture-point:sj-9)
SONG JIE (herb:song-jie)
SP 1 (acupuncture-point:sp-1)
SP 10 (acupuncture-point:sp-10)
SP 11 (acupuncture-point:sp-11)
SP 12 (acupuncture-point:sp-12)
SP 13 (acupuncture-point:sp-13)
SP 14 (acupuncture-point:sp-14)
SP 15 (acupuncture-point:sp-15)
SP 16 (acupuncture-point:sp-16)
SP 17 (acupuncture-point:sp-17)
SP 18 (acupuncture-point:sp-18)
SP 19 (acupuncture-point:sp-19)
SP 2 (acupuncture-point:sp-2)
SP 20 (acupuncture-point:sp-20)
SP 21 (acupuncture-point:sp-21)
SP 3 (acupuncture-point:sp-3)
SP 4 (acupuncture-point:sp-4)
SP 5 (acupuncture-point:sp-5)
SP 6 (acupuncture-point:sp-6)
SP 7 (acupuncture-point:sp-7)
SP 8 (acupuncture-point:sp-8)
SP 9 (acupuncture-point:sp-9)
ST 1 (acupuncture-point:st-1)
ST 10 (acupuncture-point:st-10)
ST 11 (acupuncture-point:st-11)
ST 12 (acupuncture-point:st-12)
ST 13 (acupuncture-point:st-13)
ST 14 (acupuncture-point:st-14)
ST 15 (acupuncture-point:st-15)
ST 16 (acupuncture-point:st-16)
ST 17 (acupuncture-point:st-17)
ST 18 (acupuncture-point:st-18)
ST 19 (acupuncture-point:st-19)
ST 2 (acupuncture-point:st-2)
ST 20 (acupuncture-point:st-20)
ST 21 (acupuncture-point:st-21)
ST 22 (acupuncture-point:st-22)
ST 23 (acupuncture-point:st-23)
ST 24 (acupuncture-point:st-24)
ST 25 (acupuncture-point:st-25)
ST 26 (acupuncture-point:st-26)
ST 27 (acupuncture-point:st-27)
ST 28 (acupuncture-point:st-28)
ST 29 (acupuncture-point:st-29)
ST 3 (acupuncture-point:st-3)
ST 30 (acupuncture-point:st-30)
ST 31 (acupuncture-point:st-31)
ST 32 (acupuncture-point:st-32)
ST 33 (acupuncture-point:st-33)
ST 34 (acupuncture-point:st-34)
ST 35 (acupuncture-point:st-35)
ST 36 (acupuncture-point:st-36)
ST 37 (acupuncture-point:st-37)
ST 38 (acupuncture-point:st-38)
ST 39 (acupuncture-point:st-39)
ST 4 (acupuncture-point:st-4)
ST 40 (acupuncture-point:st-40)
ST 41 (acupuncture-point:st-41)
ST 42 (acupuncture-point:st-42)
ST 43 (acupuncture-point:st-43)
ST 44 (acupuncture-point:st-44)
ST 45 (acupuncture-point:st-45)
ST 5 (acupuncture-point:st-5)
ST 6 (acupuncture-point:st-6)
ST 7 (acupuncture-point:st-7)
ST 8 (acupuncture-point:st-8)
ST 9 (acupuncture-point:st-9)
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SUAN ZAO REN (herb:suan-zao-ren)
suan zao ren tang (formula:suan-zao-ren-tang)
SU HE XIANG (herb:su-he-xiang)
su he xiang wan (formula:su-he-xiang-wan)
SU MU (herb:su-mu)
SUŌ LUÓ ZI (herb:suo-luo-zi)
suo quan wan (formula:suo-quan-wan)
SUO YANG (herb:suo-yang)
su zi jiang qi tang (formula:su-zi-jiang-qi-tang)
SU ZI (ZI SU ZI) (herb:su-zi-zi-su-zi)
TAI ZI SHEN (herb:tai-zi-shen)
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Tang (herbal-preparations:tang)
tao he cheng qi tang (formula:tao-he-cheng-qi-tang)
tao hua tang (formula:tao-hua-tang)
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test (deleted:deleted:acupuncture:test)
Test (deleted:herb:test)
Test (deleted:test)
Test (deleted:deleted:herb-formula:test)
Test (deleted:deleted:formula:test)
Test (deleted:example-form:test)
TEST (deleted:formula:test2)
test1 (formula:test1)
Test 2 (deleted:deleted:acupuncture:test-2)
Test2 (example-form:test2)
test2 herb (herb:test2-herb)
Test 3 (deleted:deleted:acupuncture:test-3)
Test3 (test3)
test blood tonic (deleted:herb:test-blood-tonic)
test blood tonic (deleted:patent:test-blood-tonic)
test blood tonic (deleted:formula:test-blood-tonic)
Testers And Admins Wanted (chatter:testers-and-admins-wanted)
Test-herb (deleted:herb:test-herb)
testing article (deleted:articles:testing-article)
TIĀN KUÍ ZǏ (herb:tian-kui-z)
tian ma gou teng yin (formula:tian-ma-gou-teng-yin)
tian tai wu yao san (formula:tian-tai-wu-yao-san)
tian wang bu xin dan (formula:tian-wang-bu-xin-dan)
TIAN XIAN TENG (herb:tian-xian-teng)
TIAN ZHU HUANG (herb:tian-zhu-huang)
TING LI ZI (herb:ting-li-zi)
TONG CAO (herb:tong-cao)
tong guan san (formula:tong-guan-san)
tong xie yao fang (formula:tong-xie-yao-fang)
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Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm-school:toronto-school-of-traditional-chinese-medicine)
TOU GU CAO (herb:tou-gu-cao)
TU FU LING (herb:tu-fu-ling)
TǓ NIÚ XĪ (herb:t-niu-xi)
TU SI ZI (herb:tu-si-zi)
tu si zi wan (formula:tu-si-zi-wan)
UB 1 (acupuncture-point:ub-1)
UB 10 (acupuncture-point:ub-10)
UB 11 (acupuncture-point:ub-11)
UB 12 (acupuncture-point:ub-12)
UB 13 (acupuncture-point:ub-13)
UB 14 (acupuncture-point:ub-14)
UB 15 (acupuncture-point:ub-15)
UB 16 (acupuncture-point:ub-16)
UB 17 (acupuncture-point:ub-17)
UB 18 (acupuncture-point:ub-18)
UB 19 (acupuncture-point:ub-19)
UB 2 (acupuncture-point:ub-2)
UB 20 (acupuncture-point:ub-20)
UB 21 (acupuncture-point:ub-21)
UB 22 (acupuncture-point:ub-22)
UB 23 (acupuncture-point:ub-23)
UB 24 (acupuncture-point:ub-24)
UB 25 (acupuncture-point:ub-25)
UB 26 (acupuncture-point:ub-26)
UB 27 (acupuncture-point:ub-27)
UB 28 (acupuncture-point:ub-28)
UB 29 (acupuncture-point:ub-29)
UB 3 (acupuncture-point:ub-3)
UB 30 (acupuncture-point:ub-30)
UB 31 (acupuncture-point:ub-31)
UB 32 (acupuncture-point:ub-32)
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UB 34 (acupuncture-point:ub-34)
UB 35 (acupuncture-point:ub-35)
UB 36 (acupuncture-point:ub-36)
UB 37 (acupuncture-point:ub-37)
UB 38 (acupuncture-point:ub-38)
UB 39 (acupuncture-point:ub-39)
UB 4 (acupuncture-point:ub-4)
UB 40 (acupuncture-point:ub-40)
UB 41 (acupuncture-point:ub-41)
UB 42 (acupuncture-point:ub-42)
UB 43 (acupuncture-point:ub-43)
UB 44 (acupuncture-point:ub-44)
UB 45 (acupuncture-point:ub-45)
UB 46 (acupuncture-point:ub-46)
UB 47 (acupuncture-point:ub-47)
UB 48 (acupuncture-point:ub-48)
UB 49 (acupuncture-point:ub-49)
UB 5 (acupuncture-point:ub-5)
UB 50 (acupuncture-point:ub-50)
UB 51 (acupuncture-point:ub-51)
UB 52 (acupuncture-point:ub-52)
UB 53 (acupuncture-point:ub-53)
UB 54 (acupuncture-point:ub-54)
UB 55 (acupuncture-point:ub-55)
UB 56 (acupuncture-point:ub-56)
UB 57 (acupuncture-point:ub-57)
UB 58 (acupuncture-point:ub-58)
UB 59 (acupuncture-point:ub-59)
UB 6 (acupuncture-point:ub-6)
UB 60 (acupuncture-point:ub-60)
UB 61 (acupuncture-point:ub-61)
UB 62 (acupuncture-point:ub-62)
UB 63 (acupuncture-point:ub-63)
UB 64 (acupuncture-point:ub-64)
UB 65 (acupuncture-point:ub-65)
UB 66 (acupuncture-point:ub-66)
UB 67 (acupuncture-point:ub-67)
UB 7 (acupuncture-point:ub-7)
UB 8 (acupuncture-point:ub-8)
UB 9 (acupuncture-point:ub-9)
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YIN GUO YE (herb:yin-guo-ye)
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zhen ling dan (formula:zhen-ling-dan)
zhen ren yang zang tang (formula:zhen-ren-yang-zang-tang)
zhen wu tang (formula:zhen-wu-tang)
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zhi gan cao tang (formula:zhi-gan-cao-tang)
zhi jing san (formula:zhi-jing-san)
ZHI JU ZI (herb:zhi-ju-zi)
ZHI KE (herb:zhi-ke)
zhi shi xiao pi wan (formula:zhi-shi-xiao-pi-wan)
zhi sou san (formula:zhi-sou-san)
zhi zhu wan (formula:zhi-zhu-wan)
zhi zi dou chi tang (formula:zhi-zi-dou-chi-tang)
zhong man fen xiao wan (formula:zhong-man-fen-xiao-wan)
ZHONG RU SHI (herb:zhong-ru-shi)
zhou che wan (formula:zhou-che-wan)
ZHU FAN HUA TOU (herb:zhu-fan-hua-tou)
zhu jing wan (formula:zhu-jing-wan)
ZHÚ LÌ (herb:zhu-li)
ZHU LING (herb:zhu-ling)
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zhu sha an shen wan (formula:zhu-sha-an-shen-wan)
ZHU YE (herb:zhu-ye)
zhu ye shi gao tang (formula:zhu-ye-shi-gao-tang)
ZHU ZI CAO (herb:zhu-zi-cao)
ZI CAO GEN (herb:zi-cao-gen)
ZǏ HÉ CHĒ (herb:z-he-che)
ZI HUA DI DING (herb:zi-hua-di-ding)
zi xue dan (formula:zi-xue-dan)
ZǏ ZHŪ (herb:z-zhu)
ZŌNG LÚ PÍ (herb:zong-lu-pi)
ZOU MA TAI (herb:zou-ma-tai)
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