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Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae


Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae
Other Names

White Peony Root''

Paeoniae Lactiflorae


Bitter Sour
Liver / LR Spleen / SP

Dosage and Toxicity

5 – 10 gm
max 30 gm


Nourishes blood and preserves yin (Gynecological, menstrual disorders, spontaneous night sweating, weak constitution, Liver / LR / LV / LVwind rising, Bi Pain, etc.): Si Wu Tang, Gui Zhi Jia Long Mu Tang, Da Ding Feng Zhu
Nourishes Liver / LR / LV / LVto calm Liver / LR / LV / LVyang Rising: Jian Ling Tang
Softens the Liver / LR / LV / LVand relieves pain (muscle pain and spasms, Breast Distention, PMS, Liver / LR / LV / LVoveracting on Spleen / SP, Dysenteric disorders with rectal tenesmus): Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang, Xiao Yao San, Tong Xie Yao Fang, Shao Yao Tang, Xiao Jian Zhong Tang, San Bi Tang
Harmonizes the Ying and the Wei: Gui Zhi Tang

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Preparation and Processing

Cautions and contraindications

Clinical Research and studies

Formulas that include this herb


Footnotes: Incompatible with Large Intestine/Large Intestine / LI Lung / LU
Contra indicated with MJ Yang deficiency and cold

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