ding xian wan
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dìng xián wán
Arrest Seizures Pill
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Resolve Phlegm Heat

Release exterior and induce diaphoresis
Sx: recurrent vertigo, weakness, and a stifling sensation in the chest followed by a sudden loss or clouding of consciousness together with falling down, upward-rolling eyes, deviation of the mouth, spitting up of mucus with a loud, raspy sound, and in severe cases, tonic-colonic convulsions, sudden shrieking, or incontinence of the bowels or urine. T: white and greasy coat. P: usually wiry and slippery.


tian ma 30g

chuan bei mu 30g

jiang ban xia 30g

fu ling 30g

fu shen 30g

dan nan xing 15g

shi chang pu 15g

quan xie 15g

jiang can 15g

hu po 15g

deng xin cao 15g

chen pi 21g

yuan zhi 21g

dan shen 60g

mai men dong 60g

zhu sha [mercury - refine with water] 9g


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