type: báisháo
Image: null
Nature: 'Bitter, sweet'
Flavor: '3'
version: "+ Pinyin name with accents - Traditional Chinese Characters\n+++ Latin/pharmacological name, Common names\n+++ Other Names\n--\n[[toc]]\n--\n++ Properties\n\n+++ Nature\n+++ Flavour\n+++ Channels\n+++ Toxicity\n+++ Dosage\n\n--\n++ Functions\n# Please site your sources by using the bibliography citation (the n) like this [Bibliography item 1 not found.] Just be sure to change the label and add the full source in the bibliography section [Bibliography item below not found.]. \n# two\n# three\n * three A\n * three B\n# four\n--\n[[bibliography]]\n: 1 : insert the full source reference here\n: below : source\n[[/bibliography]]\n--\n1"

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