Test 3

Channel and Point Number - Pinyin name with accents - Traditional Chinese Characters

Literal translation - Alternate names

Meaning of names

  • Name 1: Meaning


List characteristics below and attempt to link to function (for example)


Where is it located?


How can this point be needled?

  1. angle and depth
  2. alternate angle and depth
  3. bleeding
  4. cupping


List contra-indications here


  1. Please site your sources by using the bibliography citation (the n) like this [1] Just be sure to change the label and add the full source in the bibliography section [2].

Shu Stream

  1. shu stream functions
  2. second shu stream function
    • three A
    • three B
  3. third and so on

Yuan source

  1. Yuan source functions


  1. list item


  1. list item

Common Point prescriptions or combinations

  1. list item

1. insert the full source reference here
2. source


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