SI 3
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SI 3 Hou Xi 後谿

“Back Ravine”

HOU back, behind

XI creek, ravine

Other Names

Location and Needling:

Loose fist, proximal to head of 5th MC on ulnar side, in depression at junction of red and white skin.
0.5-0.7 cun perpendicular

Contraindications and Cautions


Small Intestine,
Shu-Stream point, Wood point on fire meridian. Mother point, tonification point.
Master point for Du Mai (DU) and couple point of Yang Qiao Mai.

Spirit of Point: Revitalizes the Fire Official with the energy of Wood. Needs the decision making ability of the GB to decide what is pure and not pure. Strengthens mental
and spirit level function. Pulls mental and spirit functions out of stagnation and moves them forward. Generates clarity and definition, perception and vision.
Regulates the body's Yang energy and Du Mai and loosens and strengthens the spine, benefits the occiput, neck and back
Clears wind and heat and treats malaria
Calms the Shen and treats epilepsy, clears heat and benefits the sensory orifices

Signs and Symptoms

Clinical Research


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