REN 15
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REN 15 Jiu Wei 鳩尾

“Tail of Dove”

JIU turtledove

WEI tail

Other Names

Location and Needling:

Immediately below the xiphoid process, 7 cun above the umbilicus.
Inferior oblique insertion 0.5-1 cun

Contraindications and Cautions


Ren Mai,
Luo connecting of Ren Mai
Source point of the 5 yin organs.

sends network of small vessels into abdominal wall. One of the 7 Internal Dragon points (REN-15, ST-25, ST-32, ST-41).
Calms the Shen, loosens the chest, transforms phlegm, suppresses cough.
Tonifies Yuan Qi of all the Yin organs.
Harmonizes ST, balances rebellious Qi, clears heat, extinguishes wind. When the Lo vessel is excessive, the skin and the flesh of the abdomen are painful; when it is empty, the skin on the abdomen feels itchy.

Signs and Symptoms

Clinical Research


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