HT 7
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HT 7 Shen Men 神門

“Spirit Gate”

SHEN spirit

MEN gate, door

Other Names

Location and Needling:

On transverse crease of wrist, in articular region between pisiform bone & ulna, in depression on the radial side of tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris.
0.3-0.5 cun perpendicular

Contraindications and Cautions


Shu-Stream point, Earth point on fire meridian. Son point, sedation point.
Yuan Source point, receives Lo vessel from SI-7.

Spirit of Point: Spirit willing but the body can’t. The gate needs to be opened. Use only when at peace within yourself. Lifts the veil or gate between person and life. Reawakens the will to live. Lack of interest in life. Lack of will. Person out of control, exhausted, collapse, mentally shutting off. Grounding, high spirits but needs to calm down.
Tonifies and centers all aspects of the HT, Nourishes HT and Clams the Shen. Opens vessels, removes Qi stagnation inside HT. Disperses HT Fire.
Reduces nocturnal emissions, raises intelligence.

Signs and Symptoms

Clinical Research


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